Lung sounds – Breath sounds Types & Causes

Lung sounds – Breath sounds Types & Causes

Here is a quick review of breath sounds heard on auscultation.

The normal breath sounds are Vesicular breath sounds heard on most of the lung. It is soft and of low pitch. Inspiratory phase in longer than expiration without any pause between these two phases.

Abnormalities can be presence of bronchial breath sounds, diminished or absent breath sounds, or presence of added/Adventitious breath sounds.

Bronchial breathing is hollow, tubular in quality, high pitched. There is definite gap between inspiration & expiration.

Added or Adventitious sounds include Wheeze, Crepitations, Pleural friction rub & Stridor.

Wheeze can be Low pitched also known as Rhonchi or High pitched which is the usual wheeze. Low pitched wheeze/Rhonchi is caused by secretions in smaller airways causing narrowing while High pitched wheeze is because of Bronchospasm.

Stridor is not included in this video as it is not classically a breath sound auscultated but is audible without stethoscope and is caused by narrowing/obstruction of larger airways.

A good stethoscope like Litmann stethoscope is a must to pick sounds easily during auscultation.

It is encouraged to listen to breath sounds (included in video) with headphones.

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