Some Essential Tips For An Acid Reflux Cure Among Children

Some Essential Tips For An Acid Reflux Cure Among Children


Some Essential Tips For An Acid Reflux Cure Among Children

GER Gastro esophageal Reflux or acid reflux is a kind of digestive disorder, which is commonly found among infants. According to the research studies, about 50% of the American population suffers from this disorder. It is the kind of lifestyle they follow that is to be blamed in this case. For an acid reflux cure, you should be very careful towards the initial symptoms. Since children are not capable of expressing their discomforts, the parents need to address problems of unexplained vomiting tendencies, difficulty in swallowing, pain in chest, throat accompanied with a burning sensation. These symptoms, if treated in the early stage can help the child lead a normal disease free life even when he or she grows old.

There are several instances when children suffer from respiratory disorders like asthma. Parents must let the doctor know about all these symptoms so that he can prescribe the right medicines. With proper medications, most of the symptoms tend to disappear. For an acid reflux cure you must follow the restrictions suggested by the doctor. Let us have a look at some of the restrictions:

Reduce the total amount of food taken in a single meal. Doctors suggest taking 5 to 6 small meals everyday
The gap between the meals must be of at least 2 hours
Cereals should be incorporated in the diet
The child must be kept upright after finishing a meal
A doctor must be consulted as early as possible in case of any of the symptoms stated below:

Vomiting out foods taken
Yellow or green colored vomiting
Projectile vomiting
The most dangerous symptoms include Apnea or long spells of no breathing.
Medications are generally prescribed in extreme conditions. Sometimes over-the-counter medicines and remedies are also prescribed. Some of the medicines that are commonly prescribed are acid blockers, acid suppressers and antacids. Make sure you are discussing with your doctor before giving any sorts of medicines to your child.

A tablespoon full of rice cereal when added with milk can help in alleviating discomforts of the baby. The mother must burp the baby after every meal to aid digestion. The child cannot be allowed to lie down until at least ½ hour after taking the meal. Mothers must not indulge in over-feeding their children as it can result in disastrous consequences.

So, these are some of the essential tips that are to be kept in mind when it comes to an acid reflux cure among children.

There are many natural ways for an acid reflux cure, you should explore these possibilities as there are minimal or no side affects.

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