What are the side effects of eating junk food (like Lays, Kurkure, etc.) regularly?

What are the side effects of eating junk food (like Lays, Kurkure, etc.) regularly?

What are the side effects of eating junk food (like Lays, Kurkure, etc.) regularly

Well, we all knew that obesity, indigestion, and loss of appetite to be few of the many sides effects of consuming junk food.

However, the latest study, of more than 92,000 U.S. women, found those who favored high-calorie, low-nutrient foods had a 10 percent higher risk of cancers linked to obesity.

These include processed foods like chips, fast foods, and sweets.

The list of malignancies included breast, colon, ovarian, kidney and endometrial cancers. Obesity is considered one of many risk factors for those diseases.

There was a catch, though, the study found. A penchant for high-calorie food was tied to cancer risk only among women who were of normal weight.

If you are someone who is looking to have a good diet plan and aiming to cut down fat and gain a good body shape then there is the certain result-proven diet plan, that you should take a note of.

Commercially available chips and crispies are usually high on fat content. Excessive consumption can lead to weight gain. They are also high on sodium content, which is added for taste and is also a component of preservatives. Sodium intake more than the body’s requirement can lead to hypertension in the long run. Also, such commercial products suppress our appetite. and we end up craving for more of such products than having a properly balanced meal.

1. It causes type 2 diabetes:

When you eat junk food, it increases the stress on your body’s metabolism which, ultimately affects the ability of your body to produce insulin and leads to diabetes.

2. It leads to digestion problems:

Most of the junk food involves deep frying in oil. This oil sticks to the wall of our stomach and increases acid production. This is the major reason why junk food leads to a number of digestive problems.

3. It makes you weak:

Yes, it does act make your body void of energy and health. But from the face of it, it makes you weak as well. I mean, instead of feeling energetic after eating food, you usually end up being tired after eating junk food.

4. It causes depression:

It has been found that eating junk food is the major cause of depression among present-day teenagers.

5. It leads to diseases:

Eating junk food increases the risk of heart diseases, lung diseases, and kidney disorders. It also increases the risk of cancer.

Source: www.quora.com

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